Gifted Painter

Skills are not just for those born normal. This was proven by a hearing and speech impaired student who successfully created a name. Pei Yee, aged 26, is able to speak and express her feelings well through painting. Despite her hearing impairment and difficulty in communicating with others, her advantages in the field of art made Pei Yee highly confident and did not make her Person with Disabilities status, OKU, a barrier for her to continue painting.

Pei Yee's interest in painting began at the age of 5, when she loved to look at pictures and sights related to Japan and Korea. According to the Advisor of the National Association of the Hearing Impaired, Pei Yee's drawing skills first became known when Pei Yee participated in a drawing contest organised by the Special Education Unit, Ministry of Education.

Despite working at one of the companies, Pei Yee's interest in painting never faded. The eldest of four siblings, aspires to be an educator in the field of art for children with hearing problems. Creativity in drawing is a special gift which not everyone owns and that advantage is no exception in special people.

Source: Radio Television Brunei