Generate Income from Cleaning Cemeteries

When talking about cemeteries, some people will liken it to something frightening. However for a retiree working as a cemetery cleaner, it is not something to be afraid of but as a source of income to support his family after his retirement more than 10 years ago. RTB’s Mojo crew took a closer look at this.


With the coming of the months of Ramadhan and Syawal, it has become a tradition in the country for relatives to visit the graves of family members who have passed away. However, this year, with the COVID-19 outbreak, the tradition could not be carried out. The opportunity was benefited well by Awang Muhammad Ali Ariffin bin Hj Abd Rahman by providing cemetery cleaning services. Working with Ar-Razak Funeral Management, Awang Haji Muhammad Ali Ariffin divides his time as a cemetery cleaner and fisherman.


According to the Manager of Ar-Razak Funeral Management, the country’s current situation has caused the company to provide a cemetery cleaning service. This, at least helps in response to the government’s call to avoid mass gatherings.


Let us together help the government in avoiding mass gatherings including visiting cemeteries. Hopefully, by Allah’s will, once the COVID-19 outbreak ends, we can continue the tradition of visiting cemeteries.


Source: Radio Television Brunei