Fully Recovered After Flooding

All areas affected by flood in the Tutong District are now back to normal. The Tutong District Office in its press release informed that since the 6th of September, the slow flow of river water followed by sunny weather conditions and also low rainfall has enabled the flood water level to recede and the affected areas to dry out completely.

The condition of the affected village resident homes has also started to improve, and the roads in the Kampung Benutan, Rambai, Kampung Kuala Ungar- Bangkuru, Ukong, Panchong and Jalan Kecil Kampung Layong areas can now be used by saloon cars. Following the uncertain whether condition since the 18th of August and the increasing intensity of rain on the 31st of August and 1st of September, some rural areas in the Tutong District were inundated. The incident has caused the river water level to rise and overflow in Kampung Benutan, Kampung Rambai, Kampung Ukong, Kampung Kuala Ungar- Bangkuru and some areas in Kampung Panchong and Kampung Layong which caused some houses to be flooded as well as some roads to be impassable by saloon cars and four-wheel drive vehicles

Source: Radio Television Brunei