Friday Sermon

It is the child's obligation to serve, respect their parent and be loyal to the elders and safeguard their good names. This is because they are the ones who work hard to bring up the children and take care of them. Sadly, there are people who have no regard at all for their own parents. The uncaring behaviour is not the way to repay the parents for their love and sacrifices in bringing up the children. This was the highlight of today's Friday sermon titled, "Allah's Pleasure Depends on the Pleasure of the Parents."

In the khutbah or sermon, the prayer leader said never neglect and abandon the elders especially when they are ill and weak or helpless. If the parents wish to be alone, it is fitting that the children bring them in to live together. If they do not live together, visit them regularly and take care of their needs and well-being. The prayer leader added work commitment is not an excuse to stay away and neglect the parents. According to the Hadith or traditions of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam, neglecting the elders is a big sin that make all good deeds null and without benefit. The prayer leader said the Hadith also warns Allah will hasten the punishment for the sin in this world before the punishment in the Hereafter. Those who mistreat their parents will not enter Jannah or Heavan.

Source: Radio Television Brunei