Friday Sermon

The Royal Brunei Armed Forces has a noble and challenging task whether it is the Land, Navy and Air Forces. They play their respective roles in safeguarding the security and borders of the country from intrusions and any elements that threaten the peace and sovereignty of the country. The task of the military to safeguard and defend the country is noble and it is not an easy task, but it has many risks and heavy responsibilities. Therefore, every personnel who carries out his duties with full of trust and dedication, is highly commended and appreciated. What is more important, the task that they undertake is very rewarding, if accompanied by sincere intentions for Allah SWT. This was among the content of yesterday's Friday Sermon titled, 'Mempertahankan Negara Tugas Mulia'.

According to the Prayer Leader, the strength and greatness of an army is not based on modern equipment and sophisticated weapons alone, but more importantly is the power of wise leadership based on faith and piety to Allah SWT. Hence, the strength of faith and piety is very important for an army. This is because, history has proven that the real strength and victory of the Islamic army is not based on the size of the military or the sophistication of the war equipment, but is derived from the strength of faith to Allah SWT and obedience as well as loyalty to the leader or ruler and striving using four core values namely, professionalism, loyalty, bravery and piety solely for Allah SWT.

Source: Radio Television Brunei