Food Contamination outside A Restaurant

Restaurant owners with halal certificates are advised to always comply with the conditions and requirements stipulated in the Halal Certificate and Halal Label Order, 2005 and any regulations under it. The Ministry of Religious Affairs in its press release said this is following a viral photo on social media showing a stray dog contaminating a bucket containing food outside the back of a restaurant in Belait District.

The Ministry of Religious Affairs through the Halal Food Control Division, Department of Syariah Affairs in collaboration with Enforcement Officers from the Department of Health Services, Ministry of Health made an inspection to the premises and found that the restaurant holds a valid halal certificate. Therefore, a cleansing order is also issued to be implemented immediately. The case is still under investigation. If found guilty, they can be charged under Section 37, Halal Certificate and Halal Label Order, 2005 for the offence of violating the conditions of halal certification.

Source: Radio Television Brunei