Flood Observation

Heavy rain for the past few days led to rising water level at several rural areas in Belait District, especially in Mukim Bukit Sawat, Mukim Labi, Mukim Sukang and Mukim Melilas, Ulu Belait. This has caused a number of houses and roads to be inundated.

Several initial actions to mitigate floods have been implemented including food ration distribution to flood victims through the Department of Community Development, JAPEM. With the rising water level, the Belait District Disaster Management Committee of the District Disaster Management Centre, DDMC has activated the Incident Control Post at the Mukim Bukit Sawat Multi-Purpose Hall, started on 11th November night, to carry out logistical assistance such as transportation and medicine. The DDMC also provides vehicle and boat transportation on a scheduled basis.

Source: Radio Television Brunei