Festive Stalls in Conjunction with Royal Birthday Celebration

The Festive Stage Performances in conjunction with His Majesty's 75th Birthday celebration commenced on 15th July night, throughout the country. In Brunei Muara District, the Municipal Department has allocated 286 vending spaces. In the capital, 4 locations are selected for the Festive Stalls namely Jalan Bendahara parking area, Jalan Pretty, Jalan Elizabeth Dua and Jalan Pemancha. It is open from 5 in the afternoon to 10 at night.

RTB crew in an observation to the festive stall found that visitors were adhering to the preventive measures by scanning the QR Code provided at each entrance. 178 stalls are operating at Jalan Bendahara parking area. To curb the spread of COVID-19 in the country and based on the Ministry of Health advices, vendors and visitors are required to adhere to the rules stipulated by the government including wearing a face mask, implement social distancing and maintain cleanliness.

40 vending spaces are set at Jalan Pretty and 32 at Jalan Elizabeth Dua, providing small and medium entrepreneurs to earn additional income. However, the public are reminded to practise prudent spending. Food vendors, on the other hand, must maintain cleanliness at their vending spaces.

Meanwhile, 12 vending spaces and 24 grill spaces are allocated at Jalan Pemancha. The Municipal Department highlighted that it is an offence to carry out businesses at non-designated areas.

The Festive stall was highlighted with stage performances in the capital. The night's stage performance drama was attended by Yang Berhormat Awang Iswandy bin Ahmad, a Member of the Legislative Council.

Source: Radio Television Brunei