Exit Country Travel Bans Effective

The overseas travel ban is effective starting yesterday for Brunei Darussalam citizens; Permanent Citizens holding Purple Identity Card and valid Entry Permit including holders of Certificates of Identity, Foreign and Stateless passport holders as well as foreign nationals who hold Green Identity Card and valid Immigration Pass. Citizens and residents of Brunei Darussalam are banned from traveling out of the country except for special cases such as urgent medical treatment abroad, attending court hearings or continuing studies overseas.

RTB crew observing movements at Kuala Lurah Immigration Control Post witnessed duty officers inspecting vehicles entering and exiting the country. This is to ensure that the travel ban is fully complied with.

Similar inspections were also carried out at the Labu Immigration Control Post.

The Sungai Tujoh Immigration Control Post also carried out similar inspections.

Citizens and residents who wish to exit the country must seek approval by emailing travelapplication@jpm.gov.bn and attach supporting documents or scanned copies of them.

Source: Radio Television Brunei