Examinations under Ministry Of Religious Affairs’ Purview

The Minister of Religious Affairs shared on the development of examinations under the purview of the Ministry of Religious Affairs. However, the examinations are subjected to the development of the country's COVID-19 situation, opening of schools under the COVID-19 Steering Committee and the Ministry of Health's advice.

The Arabic School Candidate Selection Examination will be implemented using alternative method namely the School Assessed Marks, which will take into account the student's marks in school-based assessments either mid-year exams, topical tests and student work assessments throughout 2021. With this alternative method, the Arabic school admission process can continue, in line with the planning that has been arranged and students for the 2022 school year.

On general exams under the Ministry of Religious Affairs' purview namely the Religious Primary School Certificate Examination, SSSRU; Brunei Religious Education Certificate, SPUB; Pre-Brunei High Certificate of Religious Education, Pre-STPUB; and the Brunei High Certificate of Religious Education, STPUB, the Ministry of Religious Affairs has assessed its implementations, decided to hold the examinations on January 2022.

Source: Radio Television Brunei