Establishment of Manpower Planning and Employment Council to Tackle Unemployment Issue

Touching on the establishment of the Manpower Planning and Employment Council, MPEC to tackle the unemployment issue in the country, the Minister at the Prime Minister's Office and Second Minister of Finance and Economy explained that a number of initiatives are currently being implemented to tackle the issue that can be summarized to 3 main aspects.

Yang Berhormat explained, firstly, from the supply aspect. A number of initiatives are currently being carried out to further strengthen the supply of local workforce as it can fulfill industry needs, the provision of sustainable workforce from the aspects of mindset and work ethics as well as enhancing skills and competencies through up-skilling and re-skilling.

Secondly, from the demand aspect. Initiatives are focused on generating employment such as policy reviews and reforms as well as workforce processes. The initiatives include enhancing cooperation between every ministry with the industrial private sector and foreign direct companies in generating economic growth to increase the number of quality employment in the public and private sectors.

Thirdly, from the aspect of Enablers, a matching activity between supply and demand including One Stop Career Centre. Synchronization, collection and verification of the the workforce information for the use of workforce planning and infrastructure provision. Towards that, Job Centre Brunei has also introduced a number of programmes such as District Connect and Institution Outreach, aimed to disseminate the Job Centre Brunei services such as Curriculum Vitae Writing and tips for job interviews.

Source: Radio Television Brunei