Ensure Food Safety to Avoid Food Contamination Risk

Food safety should be the main priority for every level of the food chain to avoid food contamination that can happen at any time. To ensure food safety, the Ministry of Health implements the Food Premises Health Grading Program that is one of the indicators of cleanliness and sanitation status of a food premise.

The Food Premises Health Grading Program is carried out by detailed assessment of critical factors that can affect quality and safety of food that are handled, prepared, stored, distributed or served to the public. The certificates presentation ceremony that was held recently for 81 premises that obtained Grade A or Excellent, and Grade B or Very Good was the government's recognition to food premise operators on their role and attitude on maintaining cleanliness and food quality through good practices. Currently, there are 20 premises that have been awarded with Grade A, and 61 premises earned Grade B including restaurants, eateries, hotels, bakeries and food courts.

Source: Radio Television Brunei