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Elder shoots younger sibling to death at home in front of mother


Bangkok, Older brother is angry, younger sister complains non-stop. Grabbed a gun and shot him to death at home in front of his mother and relatives. Police at Minburi Police Station rushed to track him down and prosecute. Officers at Minburi Police Station received a report that a person had been shot and died. Within the Samakkhi Khlong Song Ton Nun community, Soi Ramkhamhaeng 190/2, Min Buri Subdistrict, Min Buri District, Bangkok, they traveled to inspect the crime scene, a 2-story wooden house. In the ground floor bedroom, they found the body of Mr. Chaiyut, aged 41 years. The body was lying face up. floor next to bed In the condition of wearing a blue t-shirt Blue jeans There was a gunshot wound, 1 shot in the back of the neck, 2 in the chest, and 1 in the middle of the back. Around the house, there were also 11 .38 caliber gun casings found. From the investigation of Mrs. Wong, age 60, the mother of the deceased said that the perpetrator was the elder of the deceased, known as Mr. Chaiwat, age 43. Be fore the incident, Mr. Chaiyut (the deceased) had bought durian for her. Mr. Chaiyut then scolded Mr. Chaiwat (the perpetrator) saying, "Why didn't you go find a job?" which the perpetrator Often likes to stay at home and not work, causing arguments between the two of them. Until Mr. Chaiwat's older brother used a gun to shoot at Mr. Chaiyut. younger brother many times After the incident, Mr. Chaiwat fled from the house on foot. At that time, Mr. Chaiyut was still breathing heavily, so he hurriedly informed the police. and rescue workers came to help but were unable to save the son's life in time. Initially, the police ordered the investigation department of Minburi Police Station to track down the perpetrators and bring them to justice. While the body was entrusted to the Por Teck Tung Foundation to take the body to the Forensic Institute. police hospital An autopsy will be conducted according to legal procedures. Source: Thai News Agency