Egg Standing Upright Demonstration

A demonstration of making an egg stand upright was also held during the partial solar eclipse phenomenon observation. The demonstration was carried out by officers and staff from the Geodetic Section, Survey Department.

The phenomenon which occurred following the increase of gravity during the eclipse attracted the public's interest. According to Awang Haji Khairul Abidin Bin Haji Sulaiman, Astronomy Surveyor, when the moon and the sun is aligned, the increasing pull of gravity makes the egg stand upright.

The eggs can stand upright due to the position of the earth, moon and the sun in a line resulting in a gravity pull. In this situation, the egg white is pulled to the top of the egg while the yolk which is slightly heavier will be at the bottom until the egg is balanced. Scientists are of the opinion that there is a gravitational line between the sun and the earth which is able to influence the electrons in the egg until it becomes stable and at the same time enabling it to stand upright.

Source: Radio Television Brunei