Education Specialist Seminar: Departments & Centres Involved Sharing Session

Six specialised areas were identified in the education system namely Guidance, Curriculum and Teaching, Educational Measurement and Evaluation, Educational Research, Special Education, and Educational Technology. The matter was among the sharing sessions during the Education Specialist Seminar, yesterday afternoon.

During the seminar, heads of the departments involved shared information related to their respective specialised areas, as well as expectations and expected outcomes as an Education Specialist. Meanwhile, a sharing session on 'Generic Competency and Training Progression for Education Specialists' and 'Training Needs Analysis Survey for Education Specialists' was presented by the Head of Specialist Unit, Brunei Darussalam Leadership and Teacher Academy, BDLTA.

Among those present were Doctor Shamsiah Zuraini Kanchanawati binti Haji Tajuddin, Permanent Secretary for Core Education and Awang Aliuddin bin Haji Abdul Rahman, Deputy Permanent Secretary for CORE Education at the Ministry of Education. The seminar will continue today for two workshop sessions on 'Crafting of Brunei Darussalam Education Specialist Competency Framework, BDESCF', and 'Virtual Gallery Walk and Consolidation'.

Source: Radio Television Brunei