Driving Schools Back In Operation


23 driving schools are now back in operation, with 308 students from all districts waiting to take their driving tests. The driving schools are operating in accordance with the COVID-19 control measures for the Transition Phase currently in force. 318 practical driving test slots are provided by the Land Transport Department, LTD starting the 27th of November to 31st of December this year, with 15 slots available per day. To book the High Way Code test and practical driving test, candidates are advised to contact their respective driving schools.


Prior to the driving test, the LTD gives the students the opportunity to undergo practical driving training since the 20th of November. In an interview, the Acting Assistant Director of Land Transport explained that apart from practising the Ministry of Health’s advice, driving instructors and students must already obtain 2 doses of the COVID-vaccine, have a negative ART test and roll down the vehicle window during training session and driving test. Apart from that, there must be a 15-minute break for the vehicle and open all doors for air circulation before it can be used again. The vehicle must also be cleaned and disinfected before and after use.


Source: Radio Television Brunei