Dog Owners In Brunei Urged To Obtain Licenses For Their Pets

Brunei’s Ministry of Home Affairs, yesterday, asked all dog owners in the country, to obtain a license or dog tag, for their pets every year.

According to the ministry, registration applies to dogs aged three months and above, including new dog ownership, previously registered or licensed pets and expired licenses.

The ministry said, registered dogs should always have a tag around the neck. Dog owners hold full responsibility for their pets, and must keep them in a cage or on a leash, while at home.

It is an offense for dog owners who fail to register their pets, which carries punishment of a 250-Brunei dollar (182-U.S. dollar) fine, or 14 days of imprisonment for the first offense.

More violations, including the second and subsequent offenses, will face a 500-Brunei dollar (365-U.S. dollar) fine, or one month’s imprisonment.–



Source: NAM News Network