Do Not Avoid Paying Debts

Islam urges its ummah to strive more in finding halal sustenance to fulfil life's demands on earth. Multiple expenditures for basic daily necessities makes one having to go into debt to fulfil such needs even though it is not encouraged in Islam. However, it cannot be denied that some people are unable to settle their debts due to insufficient financial resources. In this case, the person should be determined and strive to settle the debt. This is because debt is a trust that one is obligated to settle. This was among the contents of yesterday's Friday Sermon entitled 'Jangan Lari Dari Membayar Hutang' or Do not avoid paying debts.

The imam or prayer leader said that Allah SWT will provide facilities and assistance to those wishing to settle their debts. One may be able to avoid their debtors on earth, but he or she will never be able to avoid the judgement of Allah SWT in the hereafter. Verily, a person who is in debt and has no intention of settling it will on Judgement Day face Allah SWT as a thief. Prophet Muhammad SAW once said that a person who is able to settle their debt but deliberately delays or procrastinates with various excuses towards settling it even though he or she has the financial means to do so thus such an act is deemed as a form of cruelty. The behaviour of being cruel amongst mankind by not settling their debt is one of the matters that can jeopardise harmonious life in the family, community and country. The congregants were also reminded that being cruel to another person is sinful and the prayers of those who are abused are mustajad or granted. As a reminder to us so that we will not be in a lot of debt, we should be prudent in spending and not to follow our heart's desires and need to be in debt. This is because, although debt is an easy way out but settling it can become a hardship.

Source: Radio Television Brunei