Diabetes Can Be Prevented and Controlled By Practising Healthy Lifestyle and Consuming Food

Diabetes is still the third highest cause of death in Brunei Darussalam. It has been this way since 2012. Numerous efforts have been implemented by various parties to raise public awareness on the negative impact of the disease that brings heavy burden to individuals, families, society and the country. The efforts include the National Health Inspection Programme, Healthy Mukims, awareness roadshows, and campaigns on diabetes.

The National Health and Nutrition Status Survey 2011 showed 12.4 percent of the country's population are diabetic. Meanwhile the Cross-sectional STEPwise Approach to Surveillance, STEPS, Population Survey of Non-communicable Diseases, NCDs and Risk Factors in Brunei Darussalam established that 9.7 percent of the population have high sugar level in the blood.

World Diabetes Day on every 14th of November is intended to raise the public's awareness on the risk factors, symptoms and complications of diabetes. In treating and managing diabetic patients, His Majesty's government through the Ministry of Health has provided comprehensive services at health centres and hospitals. The Diabetes Education Nursing Service is provided not only to educate and guide patients but also to act as resource and motivators to patients' family members and carers.

Diabetes can be prevented and controlled by practising a healthy lifestyle, consuming healthy food and going for health inspections.

Diabetes can cause long term affects that lead to other non-communicable diseases such as kidney failure and heart disease. Every individual, family member and member of society should give continued commitment to avoid matters which are detrimental to health.

Source: Radio Television Brunei