Daily Reading of Surah Yaasin


The reading of Surah Yaasin is broadcast on all RTB television channels and radio networks, began on the night of 16th August. It is the nation’s effort using the Divine Vaccine approach or invoking Allah’s help through supplications.


The country’s residents and citizens also took part in the reading of Surah Yaasin broadcast by RTB. Organised by Radio Television Brunei in cooperation of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, the reading of Surah Yaasin will be broadcast simultaneously at all television channels and radio networks everyday. The public is encouraged to follow the broadcast and take part in the reading of Surah Yaasin and Doa with the intention of supplicating to Allah Subhanahu Wata’ala so that the citizens, residents and the country are always protected from disasters and all diseases in particular the COVID-19 pandemic.



Source: Radio Television Brunei