Customs Contraband Operation

7 individuals were detained in 3 operations and one Operasi Sepadu conducted by the Royal Customs and Excise Department, RCED through the Law Enforcement Division in Brunei Muara District, Belait District and Temburong District.

The first operation was carried out on 9th May, at a food stall in Kampong Rataie, Temburong District. The operation successfully arrested a 32-year-old Indonesian woman, who was found to be involved in selling cigarettes. A total of 14 packets of cigarettes of various brands were seized in the operation.

Meanwhile, in the second operation carried out at a staff house in the Kampung Katok area, two Indonesian men aged 27 and 30 were arrested. A total of 2 cartons, 4 packets and 26 sticks of cigarettes were confiscated during the inspection.

The third operation was carried out on 10th May in Kuala Belait. During the operation, RCED detained two Malaysian men aged 57 and 63 respectively. The operation also confiscated 18 sticks of cigarettes and cash amounting to $132,558, believed to be proceeds from the contraband sales.

Meanwhile, in the Operasi Sepadu carried out on 10th May with the Pharmacy Enforcement Division, Ministry of Health, a vehicle was detained and inspected at the business premises in Kampung Tungku. During the inspection, a 45-year-old local man was arrested for engaging in the sale of various types of medicines. Further inspection was carried out on a house in the Rimba Gadong Housing area, also managed to detain a 29-year-old permanent resident and confiscated 15 boxes, 3 packets and 79 small bottles of various types of prohibited medicines. All the individuals involved were taken to the Law Enforcement Office for further investigation.

Source: Radio Television Brunei