COVID-19 Positive Bracelets

As an additional measure on the control of COVID-19, the Ministry of Health has initiated the use wrist bracelets for those who have been identified positive for COVID-19 and also for contacts who have been instructed to undergo the quarantine order.

The bracelets will be fastened by authorities to those concerned during their visits to patients' homes to transfer patients to isolation facilities; or at swab centres when patients or close contacts are instructed to undergo swab tests. Those who have been instructed to use the bracelets are required to wear the bracelet at all times until they have completed their self-isolation period. Anyone who violates the regulation on the use of the wrist bracelet will be prosecuted under the Infectious Diseases Act, Chapter 204.

For the public's information, there are two colours used, red for COVID-19 patients and blue for close contacts or those who are instructed to undergo self-isolation after taking a swab test. Meanwhile, patients who have been identified as recovered from the COVID-19 infection and have been allowed to leave the isolation facilities or centres are advised to immediately depart the isolation site without delay as the demand for patient beds are high. It will also allow the facilities admit other patients who need treatment and who are waiting to be taken to the hospital. The cooperation of the public on this matter is very much needed. Anyone who does not comply with the instructions given from any of the facilities can also be prosecuted under the Infectious Diseases Act, Chapter 204.

Source: Radio Television Brunei