Control Measures Tightened

Following the increase in new COVID-19 cases infection, the Ministry of Health and other government agencies have tightened control measures to curb the spread of the pandemic. Yesterday, Radio Television Brunei take a look at several areas and business premises.

With the implementation of the control measures, some areas around Bandar Seri Begawan look quieter than before. There are no more lines of vehicles on the busy streets, including Kiulap, Gadong, Serusop and Batu Bersurat.

Some business premises which are usually fully occupied by customers and visitors are now turning quiet as the public choose not to leave the house without any important purpose. Only two people from one family are allowed to leave the house to buy daily necessities.

Among the control measures that were reinforced with immediate effect was the essential workers who are really needed to go out to work and leave the house without any important purpose is not allowed.

Temburong District is no exception in implementing social responsibility and COVID-19 preventive measures. RTB's Temburong crew took a look in Bangar Town to see quiet atmosphere with no visitors who usually fully occupied the shop to buy daily necessities, the streets and the car park are also empty without vehicles. This situation shows that the people and residents of the country always comply and adhere to the directives and rules set by the government.

Source: Radio Television Brunei