Compound Fines during Transition Phase

Following the announcement of the Transition Phase under the National COVID-19 Recovery Framework that will begin on the 19th of November 2021, the Ministry of Health informed the public on the amount of compound fines to be imposed to anyone found violating the guidelines during the phase, for which any violation of any of the guidelines that have been issued by the COVID-19 Steering Committee is an offense under the Infectious Diseases Act (Chapter 204).

On the offence of exceeding the total capacity limit allowed on premises or gathering events at home or at other premises, whereby the limit imposed include service workers such as catering workers and organisers, a compound fine of $5,000 will be imposed for each offence on the owner or manager of the premise; or event organiser.

For premise offences that allow any individual including the employees who are not fully vaccinated to enter the premises, a compound fine of $2,000 for each offence will be imposed on the owner or manager of the premise; or event organiser. This compound fine is exempted for critical workers who are required to carry out essential works provided that the place of work is isolated and not visited by the public, for example operators or engineers in the oil and gas sector.

The offence of not wearing face masks for employees on business premises is liable to a compound fine of $100 per person on any employee found in violation of this directive. Any individual who is not fully vaccinated who enter any premises will be issued a $100 compound fine.

The compound fine for any individual found violating the directive to stay home between 10 at night until 4 in the morning during 'Operasi Peralihan' is maintained at $500 for each offence. During the Transition Phase, security and enforcement agencies will continue to monitor any incidents of violation of the directives or the Standard Operating Procedures to ensure the safety and the well-being of the public. In addition, members of the public can contact the National Coordination Centre for COVID-19, which operates 24 hours a day, for any complaints of violations of the guidelines.

Source: Radio Television Brunei