Compound Fine for ‘Operasi Pulih’ Increase

The Minister at Prime Minister's Office and Second Minister of Finance and Economy also reminded that if there are people who are still in violation of the stipulated directives, the compound fine related to 'Operasi Pulih' will be increased.

Yang Berhormat added that the total compound fine for the violation of 'Operasi Pulih' will be increased from 1 Hundred dollars to 5 hundred dollars for each offence. A compound fine of 500 dollars for each offence will also be imposed on companies, of which its employees are found to have left their homes during the operation from 8 in the evening to 4 in the morning without a valid confirmation letter. Those fined will have their name, companies or employees published in mass media. The public may also contact the National Coordination Center for COVID-19 which operates 24 hours should there be any violation of directives or standard operating procedures. The hotlines that can be contacted are 8176148; 8175148; 8166148 and 8155148.

Source: Radio Television Brunei