Competition Commission Brunei Darussalam Launches Official Website

The Competition Commission Brunei Darussalam, CCBD, has launched an official website for the public and businesses to learn more about the Competition Order which will begin phased enforcement from 1 January 2020.

The website is at ''. The website features practical information on conducts prohibited under anti-competitive agreements which is cartels and its related guidelines, including complaint procedures and how businesses can play a role in breaking up a cartel in the Leniency Guidelines. The website also offers resource materials such as Frequently Asked Questions; Guidelines on Competition for Businesses; Understanding and Detecting Bid Rigging in Public Procurement.

The Department of Competition and Consumer Affairs, as the Executive Secretariat of the CCBD in the exercise of its enforcement functions under the Order encourages any input from the public on suspected contraventions of the Order through submission of complaints with adequate information. The Guidelines on Complaint Procedures, which can be found in the website, describes the manner and form in which complaints may be made to the CCBD. The Guideline also incorporates information on the processes the CCBD will use for determining what action to take in relation to a complaint.

Source: Radio Television Brunei