Civil and Criminal Caseloads Filed in High Court

Based on statistics, The Supreme Court has recorded 106 civil and 14 criminal caseloads filed until October last year.

2018 recorded 94 civil and 13 criminal caseloads.

One civil appeals case was filed from the magistrate's court to the high court until October last year, compared to 5 cases in 2018. Meanwhile 19 criminal appeals cases were recorded until October last year from the magistrate's court to the high court compared to 37 cases in 2018.

Bankruptcy notices received has increased from 498 last year compared to 441 in 2018. 267 receipt orders were also made last year and 52 bankruptcy orders were filed last year.

A decrease in registry of marriages and divorces were also recorded last year. Marriages have decreased from 137 in 2018 to 101 last year.

Meanwhile, divorce cases also decreased from 31 in 2018 to 19 last year.

Meanwhile, Court Revenues until October last year recorded over 4 million 6 hundred thousand dollars. In 2018, the total revenue was more than 5 million 4 hundred thousand dollars.

Source: Radio Television Brunei