Charity Bodies and Youth Associations Ready to Help those Affected by the Pandemic

The spread of COVID-19 pandemic in Brunei Darussalam should not be seen in a negative way only. The re-emergence of the pandemic has motivated the charity bodies and youth associations to be united in carrying out charitable activities to help the Government, fronliners and those affected by the pandemic.


In response to COVID-19, BIG BEGAWAN in collaboration with a number of agencies, bodies and other associations has organised a community campaign that allows the public to make necessary donations such as scrubs, face mask, hand sanitizers, foods and drinks. Since the project were introduced, 300 scrubs were donated to the frontliners.


Meanwhile, the public can make a donation from as low as one dollar for face mask donation to the underprivileged and low income families.


For further information, visit the Instagram ‘@bigbwnproject’.



Source: Radio Television Brunei