Cannon Shots Marks Arrival of New Year 1443 Hijrah

Although this year’s National-Level Islamic New Year 1443 Hijrah Celebration is not celebrated as usual, but Muslims are urged to observe this major Islamic event by reading the End of Year 1442 Hijrah and Beginning of 1443 Hijrah Year Doa in their respective homes, either privately or in a congregation among family members. To mark the arrival of the new year 1443 Hijrah, 21 cannon shots were fired late yesterday afternoon before the Fardhu Maghrib call for prayer at Jame’ ‘Asr Hassanil Bolkiah in Kampung Kiarong.


All mosques, suraus and religious halls nationwide are required to recite both doas using loudspeakers that can be heard and followed by the public living in the vicinity of the mosques, suraus and religious halls. The theme for the New Year 1443 Hijrah is ‘Belia Berilmu dan Beramal Salih Pemangkin Negara Berkat’ or Knowledgeable and Pious Youths, Catalysts of a Blessed nation.



Source: Radio Television Brunei