Bukit Sipatir

Bukit Sipatir is synonymous with recreation activities such as running and hiking. Maybe a number of viewers do not know the location of the Bukit Sipatir or has never even heard of it. However the Bukit Sipatir trail is gaining popularity for recreation activity enthusiasts, as it has a track for hiking, known as the Bukit Sipatir Track. The area is located in Brunei Muara District and is frequently visited by the public, especially during the weekend.

Bukit Sipatir in Kampug Subok was once part of a jungle and villagers' farming area. Today, Bukit Sipatir is popular for its trekking facilities for hill climbers. The trail was first explored by 15 jungle trekking enthusiasts in November last year. One of them explained the number of visitors continue to increase, sometimes reaching 2 thousand people a day.

For the visitors' safety and convenience, the Rescue Squad comprising Kampung Subok residents is always ready to provide help in case of any emergency. The Rescue Squad is stationed on Bukit Sipatir from morning until night. A squad member advises the visitors to behave appropriately when climbing the hill and always maintain cleanliness by not throwing garbage indiscriminately.

Despite its challenging height, Bukit Sipatir can be climbed by people of almost all ages. Several huts also sell food and drinks as well as solar lights that allow visitors to conduct night activities.

Source: Radio Television Brunei