Bukit Kota Trail Provides Extreme Sports Activities

‚ÄčBukit Kota located at Kampung Lamunin Tutong was a forest and farm area for the village residents. However, now Bukit Kota, which also provides several facilities, is becoming more popular among extreme sports enthusiasts aside from.


Operated by the Kampung Lamunin Consultative Council, MPK, and conducted by the MPK’s Youth and Sports Bureau, the Bukit Kota Trail has an 8 kilometre track located in front of the Kampung Lamunin Mosque Junction. The track provided cuts across nutritional and beneficial plants. Apart from that, the track provided also gives a scenic view.


Retired Major Awang Said bin Haji Tinggal, Village Head of Kampung Lamunin who is also the Acting Penghulu of Mukim Kiudang in an interview with RTB, explained that the trail was explored by a number of hikers and cyclists from the MPK itself. Since it was opened to the public, the trail has recorded more than 5 hundred visitors. The Bukit Kota trail is operated in three phases. The first phase, is a 3 kilometre cycling trail. Second phase is for hiking, a some 5 to 6 kilometre trail and the final phase is for recreation picnics at the wasai about 2 kilometres. The whole track is about 7 point 8 kilometres. Since its completion in January this year, the response from the public was encouraging, however, due to the COVID19 pandemic, crowns are not encouraged and thus the number of visitors have reduced.


Safety measures have also been stressed on visitors with the area is always monitored by a number of MPK members. Aside from that, visitors are also required to take precautionary measures in curbing the current COVID-19 pandemic while carrying out recreation in the area. According to Retired Major Awang Said, as urged by the Minister of Health, they have provided hand sanitizers and practise  social distancing such as maintaining 1 metre in between participants and groups of not more than 5 people. Visitors are also required to register first in the book provided to ensure the entry and exit times of the visitors.



Source: Radio Television Brunei