Brunei December Festival

Various activities were held to further enliven the launch of Brunei December Festival, BDF, 2019 including games for the whole family. The activities held as early as 7 in the morning gave the public the choice to enjoy holiday in Brunei by taking part in the activities organised during BDF in conjunction with end of year school holiday.

The National Road Safety Council or MKKJR in collaboration with Oil and Gas Discovery Centre, Seria organised the road safety mini traffic game. It was one of MKJJR's activities for the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims, apart from providing an effective platform for disseminating the message on road safety. Participants said taking part in the event gave them a new experience.

Meanwhile, happy children playing bubbles were also sighted during today's event. As they played the children were also actively interacting with their parents and siblings.

The Engage Minds Learning School also took part in BDF 2019 by providing children the opportunity to do work creatively and added knowledge outside school.

The Domino performance was among the highlight of the event. The 60,000 pieces of dominoes were assembled by Universiti Teknologi Brunei, UTB students.

Meanwhile, "Play - Turning Fiction into Reality" organised Local Hobby Fan Group also attracted the visitors. Among the items highlighted were collection of games and animation characters from overseas.

BDF recorded an increase of 43 percent visitors in 2017. Meanwhile, 17 percent increase in the number of foreign visitors to Brunei Darussalam were recorded in December.

Source: Radio Television Brunei