Brunei Darussalam Is Currently In the First Half of the Northeast Monsoon Season

Brunei Darussalam is currently in the first half of the Northeast Monsoon season which usually receives a high amount of rainfall. The rainy weather is expected to occur most days until the end of January 2020. In general the uncertain weather with showers or thundershowers will occur at night or early morning.

In an interview with RTB, Dayang Harnina binti Morani, Meterological Forecast Officer shared that at 1:00 in the afternoon local time today, Typhoon PHANFONE was detected in the eastern part of the Philippines, some 1 thousand 600 kilometres from Brunei Darussalam. The typhoon is expected to continue towards the west. The first picture shows the forecast track of Typhoon PHANFONE. However, there is no significant effect of the typhoon to the country. Rain which is intermittently heavy and thundery in Brunei waters is expected to at times move towards and affect the land area. However, sea is slight to moderate between point 5 to 1 point 4 metres. During continuous and heavy rain, it is important for the public to pay attention to the risk of floods or flash floods especially in low-lying and flood prone areas. The risk of landslides will also increase especially in the event of continuous heavy rain of more than 2 hours. The risk of floods is exacerbated when heavy intensity rain occurs during high tide. Rough seas and strong winds are dangerous especially to small boats and all sea sports and recreation activities.

In this regard, the public are advised NOT to spread any unfounded weather information through social media which can cause panic and concern. The Brunei Darussalam Meteorological Department will continue to monitor the weather from time to time and will issue weather advisories and warnings where necessary. The Meteorological Department also advises the public to obtain the latest weather information at the website or follow Facebook @bruneiweather, Instagram @bruneiweather and the Brunei WX mobile application. The public can also contact the on-duty Meteoroligical Forecast Officer at the Meteorological Forecast Office Through the weather line 114.

Source: Radio Television Brunei