Briefing on Abuse and Domestic Violence Issues

Abuse and domestic violence issues can occur to anyone regardless of race, age, sexual orientation, religion, gender, education level or any socioeconomic background. Participants of the Kampung Pad Nunok, Mukim Kiudang Informative Community Programme was given a briefing on abuse and domestic violence issues yesterday afternoon. The briefing was delivered by the Assistant Investigation Officer at the Women and Child Abuse Criminal Investigation Unit, Royal Brunei Police Force who stated that the Unit's main function is to investigate violence against women and children and protecting the victim's rights in cases such as domestic violence or Dharar Syar'ie; sexual offences; child abuse; infant abandonment and deviant teenagers.

According to Awang Haji Jeffry bin Haji Jumat alias Suhaili, economic status specifically economic hardship; presence of a third party in a martial relationship; temperamental behaviours and uncontrollable jealousy; consumption of forbidden substances such as drugs and alcoholic beverages and stress are among the factors leading to domestic abuse. He added that victim's unwillingness to report such abuse; stigma from family and society; and the victims not knowing their rights are among the factors contributing to the increase of domestic violence cases. The briefing also touched on reported cases of domestic violence, laws and guidelines on writing reports on domestic violence and abuse.

Source: Radio Television Brunei