Borneo Global Issues Conference

Over 300 delegates from 21 schools throughout the country joined the 18th International School Brunei Borneo Global Issues Conference, ISB BGIC. The conference organised by the International School Brunei, ISB is held in conjunction with Brunei Mid-Year Conference and Exhibition, MYCE 2022.

Delegates are assigned to four different committees namely Environment, Eco Social, Human Rights and Politics in two forums. They also decided on resolutions related to health and well -being, namely on vaccinations, infant mortality rates, epidemics, mental well -being and access to health care. They discussed the pros and cons of each resolution and had to choose a resolution to bring to the general assembly on the last day of the conference. This year's ISB- BGIC focuses on the Sustainable Development Goals 3 which is a better health and well-being.

Source: Radio Television Brunei