BND4.05 Billion Projected For Financial Year 2020/2021

The estimated government revenue for the Financial Year 2020/2021 was projected at 4 point 0-5 billion dollars. This is from the oil and gas sector that is estimated at some 2 point 91 billion dollars. Meanwhile, the non-oil and gas sector was estimated at 1 point 1-4 billion dollars. Therefore the national budget for the Financial Year 2020/2021 is expected to experience a deficit amounting about 1 point 8-1 billion dollars. Underscoring the estimate, the Minister at the Prime Minister's Office and Second Minister of Finance and Economy also presented on the Breakdown of the Budget Estimate for the Financial Year 2020/2021.

The staff salary category was allocated 1 point 9-9 billion dollars or 33 point 9 percent of the overall budget to fund among others wages, allowances and contribution payments for 67 thousand 126 government staff. Recurring expenses was allocated 2 point 0-1 billion dollars or 34 point 3 percent. This includes government asset maintenance allocation of 365 point 4-3 million; education 217 point 6-5 million; leases 160 point 1-3 million; payment of salaries and allowances for 11 thousand 251 staff, open vote and daily paid, 136 point 1-8 million and operation expenses 134 point 8-9 million. Development expenditure remains at 800 million dollars or 13 point 7 percent while the rest is for expenses under the Accrued Expenses category.

Source: Radio Television Brunei