‘Bandarku Ceria’ Programme Continues to Gain Positive Response from the Public

The Bandarku Ceria programme held every Sunday continues to gain a positive response from the public, in particular parents and guardians before the end of the 4th term school holidays.

The Bandarku Ceria programme not only provides opportunities for the public to carry out recreational activities, but also to strengthen relations between senior citizens, youths, teens and children. Since the introduction of the Bandarku Ceria programme, it also gave entrepreneurs the chance to carry out business either to generate income or only as a hobby to fill up their free time as well as gaining a side income. However, in carrying out any recreational activities, cleanliness must be maintained and safety ensured especially for children.

The school holidays also sees a number of entrepreneurs teaching their children the ins and outs of carrying out a business. Apart from assisting in the business, it also gives the children exposure and cultivates their business skills. The Bandarku Ceria programme, not only enlivens the weekend atmosphere but also makes Bandar Seri Begawan as a town in a garden that has a clean, beautiful environment, free of pollution.

Source: Radio Television Brunei