Back to School Preparations

The excitement of all students to return to the school with face to face learning session including those aged 5 to 11 nationwide which starts on 14th May, can be seen when the busyness of parents and children shopping for school necessities. Although we are still in the Aidilfitri celebration, the excitement of the students to attend school is hoped to be more motivated by the strong support of their parents and teachers who also want to meets their students.

Some of the children's school necessities including text, work and texts books continue to be the main focus apart from the purchase of school uniforms. Bookstores also took an initiative to facilitate the parents to buy school necessities after busy with the Aidilfitri celebrations.

Regardless of vaccination status, face-to-face schooling sessions are all for government or private primary students under the Ministry of Education and religious and Arabic schools under the Ministry of Religious Affairs including special centres under the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports.

Source: Radio Television Brunei