Aware Of Cyber Security

In this sophisticated world, various tactics are used by cyber criminals to mislead or deceive internet users. Let's have a look at what steps can be taken to avoid becoming a victim of cyber fraud as internet users, they need to always be sensitive and responsible on cyber security, especially when accessing the internet using a personal device at home.

This is because cyber criminals use various tactics to mislead or deceive users. According to the 'Lead Trainer for Brunei Computer Emergency Response Teams', BRUCERT, all information classified as confidential and restricted needs to be taken care of and monitored, including being alert to any emails asking for personal information, not opening anonymous emails and not accessing suspicious websites.

What can be done if you become a victim of cyber fraud? Among other things, do not panic, immediately change all online accounts passwords and disconnect the network to reduce the risk.

Avoid from becoming a victim of cyber fraud. Think twice before uploading any information such as photos, comments or messages.

Source: Radio Television Brunei