Astrofiqh Training Course

The Astrofiqh Training Course Module 1 organized by the Sultan Sharif Ali Islamic University, UNISSA aimed to increase knowledge and understanding on issues related to Astrofiqh.  It also aimed at developing the discipline of Astrofiqh which is directly related to faith, worship and daily life. The one-day course took place at the University.


The Astrofiqh Training Course Module 1: Introduction to Astrofiqh and the Solar System included a brief discussion on the Astrofiqh that focuses on the point of view of Faith, Syariah and Morals and not on pure astronomy. Also discussed was the importance of Astrofiqh knowledge and the scope of study and exposure of the solar system. The course conducted by the Center for Leadership and Lifelong Learning in collaboration with the Mazhab Syafi’i Research Center, UNISSA was attended by officers and staff from government agencies, individuals and UNISSA employees.



Source: Radio Television Brunei