Arrest Cases at Control Post

Several commodities that were attempted to be brought into the country using commercial vehicles without any valid declaration through 3 control posts on Thursday, the 8th of July 2021 were detected by the Royal Customs and Excise Department, RCED during daily routine inspections.

During the daily inspections at the Sungai Tujoh Control Post in Kuala Belait, the first arrest involved a commercial vehicle was found to be carrying a new satellite TV broadcasting device that did not possess an import permit.

The second arrest was made at the Labu Control Post in Temburong District where some commercial agricultural commodities were attempted to be brought in, namely 186.5 kilogrammes of Chokanan Mango and 93.5 kilogrammes of Sweet Mango.

And, the third arrest at the Guardhouse Customs Control Post in Muara Port found several boxes of undeclared items and cosmetic goods.

The Forwarding Company involved will be investigated according to the Customs Order 2006 and Excise Order 2006. If convicted, a compound fine not exceeding 5 thousand dollars will be imposed or prosecuted in court. Apart from that, the appointment permission to the company will be suspended until the case is taken action by the RCED. The RCED advises Customs Agent Companies to always ensure that the information entered in Brunei Darussalam National Single Window - BDNSW is correct and in order.

Meanwhile in another operation at two separate locations, the Land and Sea Joint Operations namely GOLD also found several customes contraband items. The first GOLD operation conducted at a workers quarters in Kampung Sungai Hanching, Jalan Muara, RCED found 9 packs and 8 butts of cigarettes. An Indian man aged 30, believed to own the contraband was detained.

Meanwhile, in the second GOLD operation, at a house in Kampung Telanai, Jalan Tutong, the RCED seized 72 cans of alcoholic drinks. A 45-year-old Malaysian man suspected to be the owner of the contraband was detained. Both detainees were taken to the Anggerek Desa Law Enforcement Office for further investigation. In this regard, the public is advised to always abide by any country's law currently in force.

Source: Radio Television Brunei