Application Process using ‘NomborKu’ App

23,825 applications to renew Driving Licences and 11,513 applications to renew Vehicle Licences were received by Talian Darussalam 123, TD123 since the closure of the services' counters at the Land Transport Department, Ministry of Transport and Infocommunications on the 8th of August due to the COVID-19 situation. As a result of the implementation of the gradual increase in the capacity of TD123 call agents, all applications were completed on the 29th of October. The matter was shared by the Director of Land Transport Department, LTD during a press conference on the LTD Additional Services Update, Vehicle Licence and Driving Licence Renewal Application Status and BN Transport Online Application Upgrade, yesterday afternoon. Awang Haji Rozaly bin Haji Saidon explained that the LTD has recorded more than 5,297 online applications through TransportBN or '' that failed to make online payments and caused the applications to not be processed.

For applicants who are not successful in making the payment, they can try again without having to make a new application through '' and click on the link "Application Status Inquiry for Land Transport Department's e-services"; and through the TransportBN application by pressing the 'My Application' button.

The Director of Land Transport said that as of 8th of October 2021, the LTD are no longer issuing physical Driving and Vehicle Licences and have been replaced by the short message service or SMS issued by the department through the number 39999. For applicants who have not received the SMS within 3 days after submitting the application, they can inform the department by filling in the form in the hyperlink ''.

Regarding the Interruption of the BN Transport Application for the Vehicle and Driving Licences Renewal Service, upgrading and improvement works for the application have been completed. The public is advised to update and use the latest version of the BN Transport application. According to Awang Haji Rozaly, LTD will also reopen the application for vehicle identification namely number and registration number through the 'NomborKu' service using the drive-thru method and booking using the 'QueUp' application.

For a smooth application process for vehicle identification number and registration number using the 'NomborKu' application and via the drive-thru method, the following are the guidelines prepared for the public. Visit the LTD website to select the desired vehicle registration number; complete the 'NomborKu' application form by downloading the form from the LTD website; Book a drive-thru slot for the 'NomborKu' application through the 'QueUp' app; and make the payment only during the drive-thru and after the registration number application is approved.

Source: Radio Television Brunei