Aid for Flood Victims

10 residents from two villages inundated by floods in Ulu Belait were evacuated after their houses were affected due to the heavy rains occurring for the past few days. The evacuated victims included 3 people from Jalan Kandul Bukit Sawat, two of whom were senior citizens. Meanwhile, 7 people from Sungai Mau village were temporarily evacuated to Sungai Liang Community Hall.

Assistance in the form of goods for the flood victims was also provided. Based on monitoring from the Fire and Rescue Department, four main roads in Mukim Bukit Sawat and Mukim Labi are still closed due to high water levels and deemed unsafe for vehicles. The over 1 meter high water levels are at the main Merangking Hilir road, leading to Sungai Kagu Bridge; Labi road leading to Bukit Puan as well as Beluhur road. To facilitate travel for the affected villagers, especially those living in Kampung Bukit Puan and Kampung Labi, transportation by boat on a scheduled basis has been provided. It operates from 7 to 9 in the morning and 3 to 5 in the afternoon. Meanwhile, the Royal Brunei Armed Forces temporarily installed a "Steel Girder" at the Sungai Rampayoh Bridge for the use of residents from Kampung Mendaram Besar, Kampung Mendaram Kecil and Kampung Teraja.

Source: Radio Television Brunei