Adhere To Stipulated Guidelines

With the reopening of mosques, suraus and religious halls nationwide during the Transition Phase under the National COVID-19 Recovery Framework, congregants are able to perform the Friday Prayer and Five times Daily Fardhu Prayers starting yesterday. However, under the Transition Phase, congregants need to adhere to the stipulated Standard Operating Procedures, SOP's. RTB's Crew took a closer look at several mosques, suraus and religious halls for Friday Prayer in the country earlier.

Mosques, suraus and religious halls were opened as early as 11 in the morning. At the Rashidah Sa'adatul Bolkiah, in Kampung Sungai Akar, the congregants were seen to adhere to the directives issued, among them wearing face masks, bringing along their own large-sized prayer mats and scanning the BruHealth QR Code.

Congregants at Kampung Mata-Mata Religious Hall also adhered to the stipulated directives such as practising physical distancing at the prayer area and not shaking hands with one another.

A similar scene was also observed at Muhammad Jamalul Alam Mosque in Belait District. The opportunity to perform the Friday prayer for the first time during this transition phase is highly appreciated.

Meanwhile at Hassanal Bolkiah Mosque in Tutong District, congregants were seen adhering to the to the SOP's stipulated. The officials have made preparations to ensure that the safety measures continue to be implemented towards curbing the spread of COVID-19.

Similar procedures were also implemented at Mohammad Salleh Main Mosque in Bangar Town, Temburong District. Congregants expressed their gratitude and happiness with the opportunity to once again perform the five times daily prayer and Friday prayer even in the new normal.

Source: Radio Television Brunei