Adhere to All Preventive and Control Measures

At the media conference, the Minister of Health informed that results from the genotyping or sequencing tests of several samples of local cases that was sent overseas have shown that all of the 20 samples that were sent are of the Delta variant. Hence, Yang Berhormat reminded the public once again not to panic, even though the Delta variant is known to be 2 to 3 times more infectious that other variants.

The Minister of Health said prevention and control measures of any COVID-19 variant remains the same, such as getting a COVID-19 vaccine injection, wearing face mask when outdoors especially in crowded areas, frequent hand washing or by using hand sanitiser. To ensure the well-being of citizen and residents in the country, the Ministry of Health have listed the types of Antigen Rapid Test kits that have been approved for use in Brunei Darussalam. Companies looking to acquire these test kits for sale to the public can refer to the list that is shown on the screen now. The list is also made available on the Ministry of Health's website.

Source: Radio Television Brunei