About Us

As the country Brunei is among world’s richest countries of the world, so you can think of its high profile news industry, which is being led by none other than the “Brunei Mirror”, which is the prominent online news website not only in the country but also in the Asean region with having its strong presence in the international media as well. The Brunei Mirror has been in the news industry for a long time and in getting the country’s news industry recognized internationally, the contribution of the Brunei Mirror is not hidden from many media experts. The policy of the Brunei Mirror is simple and that simple policy has made it achieve many landmarks and it is to “keep the website free from getting any political influence that may damage the image of the Brunei Mirror. The element which makes it stands apart from many other online news websites, is its quality of never publishing the news that is affecting any specific group or community’s norms, tradition and culture and that also shows another quality of Brunei Mirror, which is to publish the news as it is, without spicing it up in order to get ratings which sadly many online news websites do.

As the path of Brunei Mirror is followed by many other online news websites in the Asean region, that shows that the website of Brunei Mirror only publishes the news that is free from being questioned and that quality made us get the trust of the readers from other regions of the world. The policy of the Brunei Mirror is simple to understand and it is to strictly follow the basic teachings of journalism that sustains us never to get off the track from publishing the reliable news for our readers. For that we have the authentic news sources in all the sectors, and their credibility is observed constantly because our own credibility depends on theirs.

It is not the website that only sticks to publish news of all the sectors; in fact, it also helps its readers to run their businesses effectively and provides them an opportunity to get the international recognition for their businesses. In this regard the service of Brunei Mirror is most acquired one and that is Brunei Press Release Services. This service of the Brunei Mirror facilitates any business in multiple ways, and one can name it as the one single solution for all the marketing needs of any business in order to become a famous brand all across the world

The team of social media of Brunei Mirror is what which is actually ensuring the highest number of traffic on the website from different social media websites. The team has the simplest policy to attract traffic to the website and it is to acknowledge every single comment made by people regarding our website and its news. Our readers can also have our services such as daily email news alerts and RSS News Feed Service in order to stay informed of every happening.