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A young man from a Moo Krata restaurant cries out that Saimai must survive. He was shot and the case never progressed.


Bangkok, The family of the "young man from the Moo Krata restaurant" in the Thanyaburi area cried out "Saimai must survive" after being shot by a motorcycle rider in the middle of the road, seriously injured. The case has not been resolved. 'Pun,' 16 years old, a part-time employee at a Moo Katha restaurant in the Thanyaburi area of ??Pathum Thani Province, revealed that after getting off work on the night of June 4th at around 1:00 a.m. while riding a motorcycle to go home. and playing on the phone while sitting in the passenger seat. Suddenly, a friend who was the driver said that there were 2 motorcycles with a total of 4 people, with the person sitting in the back holding up a gun to show himself and his friend. So he turned and saw the man. It appears that after that, the other party turned around and came back by driving in the opposite direction at high speed. And there was a chase until they reached a red light at Khlong 8 on Lam Luk Ka Road. The two parties sped up to meet in tandem. Before firing a gun, one shot hit him in the right leg, shin area, the bullet lodged in him, so he made a U-turn to go to the hospital. Thanyaburi Hospital The other party drove away at high speed. After the incident, police from Thanyaburi Police Station came to the hospital to investigate. who recounted the incident in detail Confirmed that he had not known the other party before. and don't doubt anyone Because there is no conflict with anyone. And the route where the incident occurred was the route that was used to travel home regularly. Driving normally, not driving in front of anyone. For the appearance of the parties I clearly remember wearing a white half-face helmet. Riding a black PCX motorcycle, but can't remember the license plate. The part that comes to sing on the Saimai page must survive. Because the case has been over for some time but there has been no progress. Police still haven't been able to arrest the culprit. Source: Thai News Agency