33 Out-Of-House Restriction Violations

The Minister of Health also explained that 33 violations of the out-of house restriction directive nationwide were issued with compound fines from the multi-agencies enforcement monitoring carried out last night. The Ministry of Health also shared the analysis of the cases as of 12th October 2021.

A total of 9,132 cases have been reported since the second wave started on 6th August 2021, whereas 9 thousand 82 or 99.5 percent were local transmission cases with 50 imported cases. The graph shows the epidemic curve for this second wave to date, based on the dates the cases underwent swab tests. It shows that, although the second wave did not show a decrease, it is however stable and is not showing an increase. Also shown is the 'doubling time' whereby the period for the total number of cases to double is 28 point 8 days, compared to 3 to 4 days when the second wave first occurred. These findings are in line with the graph on Slide 2 which shows the reproduction number for the second wave, where the basic reproduction number, R-naught, which is the reproduction number when the second wave first occurred is at level 5. This means at that time; one positive case has caused 5 new cases. Currently, the effective reproduction number, R(t), that is the reproduction number at this time is around level 1 which means that one positive case has caused 1 new case. The R(t) at level 1 also indicates a stable state of infection.

Source: Radio Television Brunei