323 Calls Received for Forest and Grass Fires

About 235.94 hectares of areas affected by forest and grass fires in the country based on the reports received by the Fire and Rescue Department since January to July this year. The area of the affected is equivalent to 211 football fields. This phenomenon is partly due to the dry weather that is hitting Southeast Asia, including Brunei Darussalam namely the southwest monsoon period where the average day without rain is expected to continue until September.

In a closed press conference with the Radio Television Brunei, the Fire and Rescue Department also said that 323 calls have been received following the forest and grass fires incident around 7 months ago. From the number, Belait District recorded 148 calls, 90 calls in the Brunei Muara District, 83 in Tutong District and two calls in the Temburong District. Carrying out an open burning is strictly prohibited for the safety and health of the residents.

From the total number of calls, 149 calls received were due to the forest fire report while 174 grass fire report. Members of the public who carrying out recreational activities are reminded not to light bonfires and if necessary, ensure that the embers are completely extinguished before leaving the place.

Source: Radio Television Brunei