The Public to Take Precautionary Measures

The Ministry of Health also stressed on the importance for the public and premise managers to continue to take precautionary measures including isolating themselves from others when experiencing signs of infection scanning QR codes and checking body temperature when entering premises; and refraining from leaving Brunei Darussalam through unauthorised routes. Refusal to abide by the Ministry of Health's advice will complicate contact tracing investigations if there is a need to trace contacts for suspected cases of COVID-19. It will not only slow the Ministry of Health in taking necessary actions but will also facilitate the spread of infection among the country's community. Meanwhile, anyone experiencing signs of infection such as fever, cough, cold and flu-like symptoms are advised to immediately see a doctor for treatment and undergo a swab test. The Ministry of Health will continue to monitor the pandemic situation in the country as well as regionally and globally and carry out risk assessments on an ongoing basis. The Ministry of Health will inform the public of any changes in this situation, if necessary from time to time.

Source: Radio Television Brunei